Covid-19 Reopening Policies

Safety First

If you are sick/not feeling well for any reason you must reschedule your appointment. If we notice that you may not be feeling well, we reserve the right to administer a contactless temperature check.

Guest Expectations

  • Appointments are required for any service.
  • All guests must wait to be called or texted by the salon to enter.
  • Only guests receiving services will be allowed in the salon.
  • All guests entering must sanitize hands upon entry at our sanitizing station.
  • All guests MUST be wearing a facial mask. Mask will be provided if needed.
  • Please refrain from touching retail items ect. in the salon. We will be happy to assist you in your shopping needs. Limited contact in preferred.
  • There will be a $3 PPE surcharge on all service tickets.
  • All spa guests will be required to have a contactless temperature check.

Service Provider Expectations

  • Service providers will be required to wear face masks.
  • All service providers have been certified in an infection control course.
  • Service providers will be required to have a contactless temperature check before each shift.

Salon Expectations

Shannon Aleksandr’s:

  • Has 50+ sanitizing stations throughout the salon.
  • will be using hospital grade sanitizer.
  • will be providing single use ear loop masks if needed.
  • will be placing dividers between all stations that are not 6′ apart.
  • will be placing plexiglass dividers at our manicure stations.