Aura Botanica Travel Kit

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3-peice gift set ($63.00 value) includes a travel size shampoo, hair conditioner & moisturizing hair oil mist.



Give the gift of remarkable glowing hair on-the-go with travel size Aura Botanica shampoo, conditioner, and moisturizing oil mist.


Travel Size Bain Micellaire Shampoo, 80ml (Sulfate free, Silicone free, Paraben free)

Gentle, yet effective aromatic shampoo that transforms into a luxurious lather, cleansing away all impurities.

  • 96% Natural Origin* Ingredients.
  • Silicone free, paraben free & sulfate free.
  • Cleanses away impurities and hair build-up for healthy hair.
  • Gently nourishes the hair fiber.

Travel Size Soin Fondamental Conditioner, 75ml

Lightweight conditioner which instantly melts into hair for deep, durable nutrition and frizz control. Must be used with Bain Micellaire for optimal results.

  • 97% Natural Origin* Ingredients.
  • Silicone free and paraben free.
  • Instant absorption.
  • Delivers essential nutrition for healthy hair.
  • Easily detangles hair.
  • Smooths frizzy hair.

Travel Size Essence d’Éclat

Moisturizing hair oil mist for dull, devitalized hair.

  • 99% Natural Origin* Ingredients.
  • Silicone free and paraben free.
  • Nourishes hair.
  • Controls Frizz.
  • Delivers a nude touch and glowing healthy hair.

*We consider ingredients to be of natural origin if they retain more than 50% of their molecular structure after being processed from a natural source.


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